Research Group Databases and Software Engineering

Research Interests

The research of our group focuses on databases, software engineering, and how to leverage the synergies of both areas. The main topics of our research, among others, include:

  • Data management on modern hardware
  • Data management in the cloud
  • Analysis of metaproteome data
  • Tailored data management
  • Refactoring, maintenance, and evolution of software product lines
  • Variability analysis of requirements documents
  • Adaptive information systems

Considering the possibilities of modern hardware, we investigate data management solutions involving Hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP). This includes a large number of prototypes and hardware-sensitive data/index structures, like our Elf index. In addition, we extend concepts for database architectures to new application areas as part of the DFG priority programme, with native plug'n'play support for heterogeneous processors as the ultimate goal (Project Adamant).

In the area of software engineering, we explore programming techniques for implementing software product lines. To support our research, we develop the Eclipse plugin FeatureIDE, which supports all phases of the software product line development cycle. Our research currently focuses on the EXPLANT project for migrating cloned software variants into a common software product line.


Our wide range of courses cover all study programmes of the faculty for computer science. In the early curriculum, we introduce Bachelor students to the foundations of database systems and their implementation.

We present more complex concepts for data management in advanced courses for Master students, such as Advanced Database ModelsDistributed Data ManagementData-Warehouse Technologies, and Transaction Processing. For students interested in cutting-edge database research, we offer the Master course Advanced Topics in Databases.

Students can further actively participate in team projects, which we offer throughout the year, and work on topics in the context of AI-supported databases, the index structure Elf, and the FeatureIDE plugin.

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