Research Interests

  • Database Technology
    • Data management on modern hardware
      • Co-processor-accelerated query optimization
      • Efficient algorithms for query (co-)processing on heterogeneous hardware (e.g., GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi, NUMA Systems)
      • Genome data analysis using main-memory databases
      • Multi-dimensional index structures for main-memory databases
    • Graph database management systems
    • Large-scale and cloud data management
      • NoSQL databases
      • Transaction management in the cloud
      • Data integrity in the cloud
      • Parallel entity resolution
      • Self-tuning for cloud storage clusters
  • Feature-Oriented Software Development (FOSD)
    • Product-line configuration recommender systems
    • Prioritization for software product line testing
    • Migration of cloned product variants to a software product line
    • Variability-aware refactoring
    • Variability-aware code smells
    • Formal specification and verification of software product lines
    • Analysis of variability models
    • Multi software product lines
  • Variability in Embedded Systems / Heterogenous Hardware
    • Composition and adaptation of software product lines at runtime
    • Syntactical and semanticle interoperability in heterogeneous (embedded) systems
    • Data management in embedded systems and sensor networks

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